How To Get Anna Character In BGMI/PUBG For Free in 2024

Get Anna Character In BGMI: The game has five characters that players can choose from in Bgmi, one is free, and the other four come at a price. Anna character is one of the most popular and valuable characters in Bgmi apk. Her sneakiness, quickness, and support abilities make her a necessary addition to any player’s side. Whether you’re an expert player or a beginner, Anna unique skills will help you achieve victory on the battlefield.

How To Unlock Anna In BGMI Latest Updates

 You can unlock & get Anna character in Bgmi for free through a character voucher.

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How To Get a Character Voucher In Bgmi/PUBG

You will get a character voucher in Bgmi by following the steps.

1. Log in to the game > click Events.


2. Click Recommended and go to Anna joins the Battle.


3. Here, complete the tasks and get a free character voucher.

4. Gather sufficient vouchers, keep them in inventory, and unlock Anna in Pubg mobile and BGMI.

So, with the help of this way, you can make at least a 300 to 350-character voucher for free.

Bgmi Character List

Bgmi CharacterPrice
Victor free
Carlo 1200uc
Andy  1200uc
Anna 580uc

Anna Character In BGMI: Level Up Rewards

The list of level up rewards.

 LevelLevel Up Rewards
Lv 1Anna
Lv 2Island traveler Anna
Lv 3Forest adventurer Anna
Lv 4Character Shard
Lv 5Further Analysis
Lv 6Anna Voice Pack
Lv 7Refined dance
Lv 8Careful observation
Lv 9Premium character shard
Lv 10MVP

Some Features Of Anna Buffs

  •  70% Attacking Power boost at starting! Her perfect skill also boosts attacking energy by up to 40 to 45%.
  • Buffs for Allies: Anna can also increase nearby allies’ attack and protection stats, making them stronger in Battle.
  • Buff Duration: Anna’s buffs last longer than most other characters in the game, making her a valuable member of any team.
  • Crowd Control: Anna can stun or slow down enemies, making it easier for her team to defeat them.


Get Anna character in Bgmi is a natural process. Anna’s character is designed to be a supporting character, providing vital assistance to the team on the battlefield. She can recon the area, mark enemy positions, and give the rest of the group intel. With her sneakiness and quickness, she can also be used to informer into enemy territory, diverting the enemy while the rest of the team attacks.


You will get Anna Character for free through character vouchers in the Battlegrounds mobile india.

Anna is Krafton’s first virtual human since its early plan was shown in February through a technical demo.

It would help if you played many matches to increase Anna character’s level simply a maximum of 10 to 12 in Bgmi.

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