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BGMI Royale Pass Mod APK 2.9 (Get Free Royale Pass)

Playing a PUBG Mobile, Free BGMI Royale Pass mod apk is one of the best features which allows players to unlock some extra rewards and finish missions. Bgmi free royale passes in the game charge your real currency, and your cost is 600 to 6000 in Indian currency.

Why can’t most players afford a free royale pass or UC? In Bgmi are two types of royale pass: Elite pass and Elite pass plus. The costs of the Elite pass and Elite pass plus are 600 UC and 1800 Uc (in-game currency). The Royale pass M14 is now available in the game. Most users can not buy the Elite pass and Elite pass plus in the game.

bgmi free royale pass

BGMI Royale Pass Mod APK is one of the finest games in the world available on Android mobile. And the best you can get free passes today! We know BGMI royale pass is the most popular and has been out on Xbox and pc for a few times.

If you want more about BGMI Royale, pass Mod APK. I will teach you everything about this game.

Additional Information

App NameBgmi Royale pass Mod Apk v2.9
Compatible WithAndroid 5.0+up
Size13 MB
Latest VersionV2.9

What is BGMI Royale Pass Mod Apk

I will explain that the BGMI Royale pass gives you a free hack because no APK can give you a royale pass, and you can view BGMI Free UC hacks. Overall, the Royale Pass is a great way for players to unlock exclusive rewards and content in Battlegrounds Mobile India mod apk.

Some Features Of Bgmi Royale Pass Mod Apk

Here are list of Bgmi Royale Pass features.

  • Unlocked Premium.
  • Unlocked VIP.
  • Unlocked Pro.
  • Free.
  • MOD Paid.

How to Get BGMI Royale Pass Free?

Many tricks are available to get free UC; here are some authentic tips to get free UC.

bgmi royale pass mod apk

Third-Party Apps Winzo

This app offers players free UC and real money. Most YouTubers are promoting this app. New players come to this app first time and play games and earn real money very easily. Now winning money from winzo can be withdrawn from your Paytm account register with the same number as your Paytm account. Winzo app has collaborated with sky sports, the bgmi tournament organizers.


Are you looking for a free UC? Then google opinion reward is the best trick to get free UC. Very simple and easy method to get money by completing small surveys regarding general issues. Make a profile and complete small surveys. You can earn 100 UC in just 15 surveys from google play for the royale pass in the game.


Another proven method to get free UC is giveaways. Many begin tournament organizers’ giveaways in straightforward steps. Many YouTubers arranged tournaments participate in tournaments, and winning in the top 5 will get a free royale pass. So follow such influencers and youtube channels.

Poll Pay: Free BGMI UC Method

This method is the same as Google Opinion Rewards, take a very simple task and get rewards for purchasing a free royale pass. Bgmi added a new feature in the game: a voice pack of famous players.

PlayerZon – An eSports Platform

Another best method to get a free royale pass is the player zone app. This app pays you to play bgmi tournaments and matches by participating in events organized by the player zone app. Playzone organized daily tournament matches to win, get easy money, and get a free royale pass. Register your account by downloading the player zone app, joining tournaments, and winning prizes.

Amazon gift cards: The easiest free UC trick for BGMI.

You can get gift cards by completing simple tasks on different trading. Some websites where you can get free vouchers and gift cards are the poll pay google rewards, easy rewards to complete some tasks, and exchange vouchers with amazon codes.


Here we provide some useful methods and tricks to get a free UC and royale pass. If you need a free royale pass, follow the complete article and share it with your friends and bgmi fellows. With a little effort, you can unlock special rewards and items in Battlegrounds Mobile India without spending a dime.


Of course, you get a free royale pass by completing some tasks and useful methods like Google Opinion Rewards poll pay Giveaways and participating in some activities, including watching videos and downloading apps.

You can get a free royale pass using useful methods like the winzo app poll pay, amazon gift cards, google rewards, performing some tasks, and participating in daily matches and tournaments run by social media influencers.

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