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Best Tips & Tricks to Win Close Combat in BGMI 2024

Are you tired of losing close combat battles in BGMI? Do you want the best tips & tricks to win close combat in bgmi, improve your gameplay, and win more fights? Look no further because we have compiled the best tips and tricks to help you dominate your opponents in close-range combat.


BGMI is an intense battle royale game that requires strategy, skill, and quick reflexes. Close combat situations are some of the game’s most challenging and intense moments. It’s easy to panic and make mistakes, but you can come out on top with the tips and tricks to win close combat in bgmi.

how to win close combat in bgmi

Close Combat in BGMI Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to win close combat in BGMI

tips & tricks to win close combat in bgmi

Master Your Movement

In close combat, movement is critical, and you must be quick and unpredictable to avoid getting hit by your opponent’s shots. Here are some movement tips to keep in mind:

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  • Use the lean buttons to peek around corners without exposing too much of your body.
  • Jump and crouch to make yourself a more challenging target to hit.
  • Strafe left and right to make it harder for your opponent to aim at you.

Aim for the Head

Headshots do more damage than body shots, so aim for your opponent’s Head when possible. This is especially important in close combat in BGMI hacks, where you must take your opponent down quickly. Keep your crosshairs at head level and practice your aim to improve accuracy.

Use Cover to Your Advantage

In close combat, cover can be a lifesaver. Use the environment to your advantage by hiding behind walls, trees, or other objects. but be careful not to expose yourself for too long.

Use the Right Weapon

 In close combat, you want a weapon that can deal significant damage quickly. Shotguns and submachine guns are excellent choices for close-range fights. Practice with different weapons to find the one that works best for you.

Use Grenades

Grenades can be handy in close combat situations. They can flush out enemies from behind the cover or deal massive damage if you land a direct hit. Practice your grenade throws to get them where you want them.

Keep Your Cool

Win Close combat in BMI can be nerve-wracking, but keeping your cool is essential. Don’t panic and start spraying bullets everywhere. Take a deep breath, aim carefully, and make your shots count.

Use Your Ears

Sound is an integral part of BGMI gameplay and can be beneficial for winning close combat in BMI. Listen to your opponent’s footsteps or gunshots to determine where they are. This can give you the edge you need to take them down.

Don’t Forget About Your Health

In close combat, every hit counts. Keep an eye on your health and use healing items when necessary. It’s better to take a few seconds to heal than rush into a fight with low health and get taken out quickly.

Stay Aware of the Circle

Close combat fights can occur anywhere on the map, but staying aware of the circle is essential. Ensure you’re not caught outside the safe zone and forced to take unnecessary damage. Keep an eye on the map and move to safety when necessary.

Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to improve your close combat skills is to practice. Drop into hot zones or training mode and practice your movement, aim, and positioning.


Close combat in BGMI refers to battles at close range, typically within a few meters of each other.

  Shotguns are excellent for winning close combat in BGMI, but assault rifles and submachine guns can also be effective.

  Practice is critical to improving your close combat skills in BGMI. Use the best tips and tricks mentioned in this article and keep practicing.

Headshots do more damage than body shots, so always aim for the Head in close combat battles.

 Take deep breaths, focus on your movements.

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