list of 20 amazing titles in bgmi

List Of 20 Amazing Titles in BGMI

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is a popular mobile battle royale game that has taken the list of 20 amazing titles in bgmi. With its stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and engaging features, BGMI has become a favorite among mobile gamers worldwide. In this article, we will discuss 20 amazing titles in BGMI that you can earn by completing various achievements and challenges.

Complete List Of Amazing Titles In BGMI

Here are the comprehensive list of 20 amazing titles in BGMI.

amazing bgmi titles in bgmi
Amazing titles in bgmi
  • Well-Liked
  • Collector
  • Overachiever
  • Star Trainer
  • Perseverance
  • Perfectionist
  • Deadeye
  • Warhorse
  • Synergy Titles
  • Dependable
  • Cycle season tier Titles
  • Weapon Master
  • Maxed Out
  • Pacifist
  • Chicken Master
  • Glass Cannon/Commando
  • Unique Destiny
  • Mythic Fashion
  • Veteran
  • On A Mission


To get the Well-Liked is amazing title in bgmi, players need to complete a total 1000 likes from other players after a match. This means that players must not only perform well in the game but also showcase positive behavior and sportsmanship towards their teammates and opponents.


To get the Overachiever is a epic title in BGMI, players need to complete a 2800 achievements in the game. These achievements can variety from killing a certain number of enemies with a specific weapon to winning a certain number of matches with a specific character.


To achieve the Collector title, players need to collect skins and 300 outfits, 60 weapons available in the game. These items could be anything from weapons, outfits, helmets, backpacks, or even vehicle skins. The more items a player collects, the quicker they get Collector title.

Star Trainer

Achieve the Star Trainer title, a player must first complete a certain number of training sessions with other players. These training sessions can involve coaching strategies, tactics, and skills to help other players improve their gameplay. Once a player completes the required number of training sessions, they can be nominated by the players they have trained to receive the Star Trainer title.


To get the Perseverance title in BGMI, players need to buy bgmi royale pass for certain quantity of time. This requires the player to have good survival skills, tactics, and patience. It is not an easy title to achieve and requires a significant amount to spend and achieve this title with effort and dedication.


This title is same like perseverance  title, players need to buy royale pass for six months regular to get this title. This means that players must be diligent in their efforts to complete all achievements in the game and ensure that they meet all the requirements.


To get the Deadeye title, players must reveal care and accuracy in their shooting enemies hitting targets consistently with minimal misses. This requires a great deal of practice and skill in using the various weapons available in the game.


To get the Warhorse title, players need to win a certain number of matches in a row. This requires not only skill but also planned thinking and teamwork. Players must work together, communicate effectively, and make quick decisions to succeed in each match.

Synergy Titles

To get the Teamwork Expert title, players must complete a positive figure of matches where they have delivered their teammates with items, ammunition, or health kits. This title reproduces a player’s readiness to work with their squad and provide support when needed.


The Dependable title is got by constantly acting well in the game and being a reliable partner. This means that players must not only be skilled but also prove good teamwork, communication, and decision-making skills.

Cycle Season Tier Titles

The Cycle Season Tier Titles are special titles that players can get based on their performance in a particular season. The titles range from Sculpture to Master and are determined by a player’s tier ranking at the end of the season.

Weapon Master

There are six different Weapon Master Tier Titles that players can get in BGMI Pistol Master, Shotgun Master, SMG Master, Assault Master, Sniper Master, and Grenade Master. To earn each title, players must prove a high level of ability with the respective weapon class.

Maxed Out

To get the Maxed Out title, players must upgrade all of their weapons to the maximum level. This requires a lot of time, dedication, and skill in the game, as well as the readiness to invest in weapon upgrades.


To get the Pacifist title in BGMI, players must survive an whole match without killing a single enemy. This means that players must rely on their survival skills and avoid engaging in battle with other players. It’s an impressive achievement that requires a lot of patience, strategy, and skill. The Pacifist title is not easy to earn, and it’s considered one of the most challenging titles in BGMI. It’s a test of a player’s ability to stay alive and avoid danger in a game where combat is essential to win.

Chicken Master

To get the Chicken Master title, players must win a certain number of chicken dinners. A chicken dinner refers to a win in a match, where the last surviving player or team begins as the winner. Winning a chicken dinner in BGMI requires skill, strategy, and a bit of luck.

Glass Cannon/Commando

The Glass Cannon/Commando title is got by completing a certain number of kills in a single match without taking any damage. This title requires players to be both skilled and cautious, as one wrong move can result in immediate elimination. Getting the Glass Cannon/Commando title is a evidence to a player’s skill and strategy in the bgmi. It requires players to have excellent aim and positioning, as well as the talent to anticipate and overcome their opponents.

Unique Destiny

To get the Unique Destiny title, players must complete various tasks and achievements in the bgmi. These challenges include winning a diffrent number of matches, achieving a high kill count, playing with different types of weapons, and feat high positions in the amazing titles in bgmi ranking system.

Mythic Fashion

To get the Mythic Fashion title, players must gather a maximum number of Mythic outfits and setting their fashion sense in the amazing titles in bgmi. This requires not only a keen eye for fashion but also a dedication to collecting and upgrading these rare outfits.

On A Mission

The On A Mission title is a highly respected achievement in the list of 20 amazing titles in BGMI, and it is an sign of a player’s loyalty and hard work in the game. It also serves as a source of motivation for players to continue playing and improving their skills in the bgmi game.


Although getting the Veteran title is an inspiring success, it requires steady struggle and dedication. Players must commit significant time and energy to the game to gather enough points to get the title in bgmi.

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These are complete information of 20 amazing titles in bgmi.


BGMI offers a variety of titles that you can get in battlegrounds mobile india ( BGMI ). I hope this article,  will you about 20 amazing titles in BGMI that you can get by completing several achievements and challenges.


Weapon Master title is 12th title available on the above list of 20 amazing title in bgmi. To manage this title, a player needs to be in the Platinum tier or above and play Single classic mode. After that, a player must exclude six enemy players in the following habits.

Here are 5 easiest and amazing titles in bgmi

1) Well-Liked

2) Weapon Master

3) Sharpshooter/Deadeye

4) Season Ace Title

5) Perseverance

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